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The Wet End of the Night

August 12th 2015

Section: Solo

I've had a night out and now I'm ready for lights out ! Except sometimes in my bed the lights keep me up all night. I guess what I'm saying is this video shows what I'm like when I'm ready to hit the sheets, but wishing someone would fuck me to sleep!

Horny Cop Busts You for Rubbernecking

August 5th 2015

Section: Solo

Officer Reign here. I can't believe what I saw back there, you rubbernecking like your chin is on a string. Well, since you like to stare at my pussy so much I'll give you a good look. I've got a pistol grip dildo you can stare at too. It's got a real smooth action, at least when I use it !

The Setup

July 29th 2015

Section: Boy on Girl

Here comes a video I've been hoping to give you all for a long time. I have a guest and I have a camera set up in advance. My guest was told to sit in a specific spot if he wanted a special treat...and here's the result. He might be the one getting a blowjob from a pornstar, but you are the one with the best seat in the house!

Blowjob Home Movie

July 22nd 2015

Section: Boy on Girl

What could be better than a dirty homemade movie made by a pornstar? This a a rare 20 minute video that is very different from a studio made film. Now you get to see what I'm like when I'm sucking cock for no other reason than to suck that cock!!

Fuck and Roll

May 7th 2015

Section: Boy on Girl

I love getting guitar lessons and I'm lucky enough that my musician friends are always willing to help me learn something new. I was so grateful after my last lesson that I thought I would show my appreciation. There is a time to finger a guitar, and then there is a time to fuck!

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