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Can't Wait Forever

July 10th 2014

Section: Solo

Here's your chance to come home and see me horny members! I love to wear my tight leather jacket and black panties to get your attention. See how long you can keep your hands off of me while I tease you with my toy.

Tasha's Wild Wild Trip

July 3rd 2014

Section: Boy on Girl

Get ready for a laugh and an orgasm...maybe both at the same time. In this video I'm hanging out with the girls, having a drink or two. All of a sudden I'm fantasizing about pornstars and floating in the clouds...then I'm getting fucked on the beach...and I'm wearing kitty ears and a tail for some reason !! lol Enjoy

Tasha's Pussy is Growling

July 1st 2014

Section: Solo

I'm back in my bedroom and my pussy wants to be a bad kitty! Too bad nobody's coming by to give it what it needs, but my toy is always here for me. Have fun watching this video because I was way too horny. By the time I was finished fucking myself with that dildo it was all my kitty could handle.

Halfway at Halftime

June 26th 2014

Section: Boy on Girl

I hope that you will appreciate the sense of humour that went into this video. I don't take kindly being rejected for sex...not over a football game! I guess relationships are all about compromise but I've been too horny for too many Sundays. This time however I'm putting my cheerleading uniform on and my foot down. This cheerleader is gettin' some during this halftime show !!

Tasha's Bottom Begs For It

April 24th 2014

Section: Solo

Stay with me while the sun goes down outside of my bedroom window. Every time I brush my nipple I think about what I could do to make us both cum. The only thing I can think about is laying back, spreading my legs and thinking about how good it would feel to get fucked every which way , right here, right now !!

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