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Tasha Was Waiting in Bed

April 3rd 2014

Section: Boy on Girl

I've been waiting in bed for my man, but I can't wait much longer. Luckily he only keeps me waiting long enough for me to wake up my pussy. He comes in and eats my ass until every inch of me feels aroused. Then he bends me over and gives me what I need... an nice hard cock to fill up my pussy!

Tasha's Romantic Mirror Play

March 20th 2014

Section: Solo

If you've ever wondered whether women really practice being sexy in front of the mirror, the answer is "Only the ones who are doing it right". Enjoy watching as I play with my breasts, inspect my body, and practice a bunch of ways to make sure I have your complete attention when spring outfit season begins.

The Trade

March 6th 2014

Section: Boy on Girl

What do you do to thank your friends when they help you move? I've got some thing special in mind to express my appreciation after teasing Pete and Eric all day by bending over and showing off my tits. Now that everything is moved in the only thing left to do is fuck them like they need to be fucked...thanks for the help boys :)

Eyes On the Pussy

February 23rd 2014

Section: Solo

I'm too hot to let anybody touch me, but I'm horny as I get...I hope that you want to watch! With the balcony blinds wide open you and the crew are the only ones who get to see me up close. Watch as I stretch and squirm on the balcony and wiggle my way out of my clothes. I love feeling the evening breeze on my pussy...feels so good.

Tasha's Valentines Day Romp

February 13th 2014

Section: Boy on Girl

There is only one thing that is better than eating ice cream and that is getting my pussy eaten at the same time! In this pre Valentines Day romp, watch as I wrap my cold mouth around a hot cock before he bends me over and fucks me hard. Once I get going I don't want to stop!

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