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Summer Sizzle!

August 22nd 2017

Section: Solo

Summer Sizzle! I just shot this summer fun video for you guys in the hot California sun. I love dancing and having fun while slowly stripping... for you enjoyment. Hope you like the new video! xo Tasha

Taking All of Isiah Maxwell

August 15th 2017

Section: Boy on Girl

BRAND NEW HD update for all my #REIGNDEER fans! I got to shoot an amazing scene, one of my favorites with Isiah Maxwell. The both of us were really excitied to shoot this scene, we had such amazing chemistry! Check me out take all of Isiah and his big cock in this exclusive! Make sure to come see me live at my next free members show! <3 Tasha

Marcus & Mick Fill My Holes DP!

July 27th 2017

Section: Boy on Girl

BRAND NEW HD update for all my #Reigndeer members, I've brought back Mick and Marcus for another amazing double penetration scene! Check out this 25+ min video of me getting both my holes stuffed with their big dicks! I had such a fun time shooting this scene with these amazing performers, you can see it in the smile on my face as I am covered in cum! Make sure to come say Hi to me at my next live members show.... I Dare YA!

Tasha's Tasty Treats!

July 25th 2017

Section: Solo

Tasha's Tasty Treats! ... yum yum... wanna bite of my tasty treats? Everyone loves donuts. Cute video from my recent shoot in a donut bikini. If this doesn't make you want to run out to Krispy Kremes and bang one out, nothing will. Hope you like it! xo TR

Superwoman XXX

July 18th 2017

Section: Solo

"Superwoman XXX!" .... I hope you like the pictures of me getting my cosplay on as Superwoman last update. Here's a fun video from that shoot. If you're wondering if Superwoman wears panties.... of course not... or a bra too! Thanks for being a member and see you soon! xo Tasha.

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