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Action !!

May 29th 2012

Section: Boy on Girl

I couldn't wait for this scene to get'll see what I mean. The script called for some acting and all I wanted to do was move things along so we could get along to the action! When I finally got my hands on his big dick, from there on, there was no acting...not while I was fucking him, or when I swallowed his hot load!

Tasha Melts for Sandy

May 29th 2012

Section: Girl on Girl

Her name is Sandy, and her reputation precedes her. Everyone told me that wherever Sandy goes there is a crazy seductive spell, and it falls over you. I can tell you after shooting this 23 minute video its all true. She had me like melted butter in her mouth and all I can tell you from memory is that it felt real good!

Masturbating in the Shower

May 28th 2012

Section: Solo

It's shower time in this video, putting my clean body and dirty mind right where you want them..on your screen! Watch as the sudsy water slides all over my skin, watch me play with my nether region, and finally park my ass on the shower floor as I stare at the camera and rub one out for you!

Tasha Really Sneaks One In

February 7th 2012

Section: Solo very quiet. I'm sneaking the camera into someplace I shouldn't be. I can't say where I am but I'm dressed for the visit, white stockings, plaid get the idea. Watch as I sit back in a big leather chair and try to be so quiet as I rub my pussy...I feel so naughty.

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